Getting started with User Testing and the all-new Marvel 3

Free webinar: See the brand new UI and functionality that will help you design at scale

Sketch and Marvel Webinar

8 December 2020

14:00 GMT | 09:00 EST | 18:00 GST

Duration: 20 mins + 10 mins Q&A

Hosted by:


Murat Mutlu

Co-Founder & CEO

Smarter design collaboration

Join Murat Mutlu, Marvel's CEO as he walks you through Marvel 3. A brand new interface, built on blazing fast tech with features that focus on organisation at scale.

  • What we'll cover:

    A brand new interface, with unified navigation and sharing.

    Scaling your design workflow: From idea to validation, designers, developers, researchers and stakeholders can all work together within Marvel. Design, prototype, user test and handoff, all in one platform

    Spend less time looking for work: Folders make it easy to bunch together prototypes and user test results - so you can share a single URL with your team, developers or wider stakeholders.

    Create better experiences with less work: Get video, voice and analytical feedback on design and prototypes in just a few clicks.

    Interactive Q&A