How To Run Your First Design Thinking Workshop

Free Webinar: Empower everyone in your company to solve problems, together.

Sketch and Marvel Webinar

Hosted by:


Murat Mutlu

CEO and Co-founder of Marvel


Zorast Gustavp

Product Specialist at Marvel

Practical Design Thinking Workshop Kit

In this free interactive webinar, Marvel's CEO, Murat Mutlu, and Product Specialist, Zorast Gustavsp, will explain how you can run a simple, fun and hands-on workshop using the basic principles of Design Thinking. Empathise, define, ideate, prototype and test any solution with your team and wider organisation.

  • What you'll learn:

    The basic principles of Design Thinking, how it impacts businesses and why we made this Marvel Workshop

    How to introduce and implement Design Thinking within your business and bring cross-functional teams together

    Best practice in preparing for your first session and using the Workshop Kit

    The benefits and simplicity of using Marvel for the prototyping stage

    How to ensure efficient and informative presentations