Introduction to Marvel + Sketch

Bring your Sketch prototypes to Marvel

Sketch and Marvel Webinar

Hosted by:


Zorast Gustavp

Product Specialist at Marvel


Maxime De Greve

Product Designer and Developer at Marvel

Automate your workflow

In this free webinar, Marvel's Product Designer and Developer, Maxime De Greve, and Product Specialist, Zorast Gustavsp, will cover the latest updates to our Sketch integration.

  • What you'll learn:

    Import Sketch prototypes into Marvel that stay up to date with your changes

    Save time on manual tasks by syncing Sketch artboards to Marvel projects

    Finish up hi-fi prototypes in Marvel with advanced prototyping features like screen transitions, video embeds and integrations with popular tools

    Automatically generate code and specs for your Sketch artboards with Handoff

    Create a centralised channel for feedback and collaborate with the wider team anywhere