How to work with developers using Handoff

Bridge the gap between design and development

Sketch and Marvel Webinar

Hosted by:

Murat Mutlu

Murat Mutlu

CEO and Co-founder of Marvel

Working smarter with Handoff

In this free webinar, Marvel's CEO and Co-founder, Murat Mutlu, will explain how you can streamline the design to development process. No more PDFs and redlines, everything you need for your design specs is automatically generated whenever you add a new design to Marvel, saving you hours of manual work.

  • What you'll learn:

    Why automating your design-to-dev workflow saves time, money and builds better products

    Sync designs made with Sketch or Marvel and prepare for Handoff

    View and share Handoff specs, code and download assets

    Record video of prototype flows in Sketch

    How to add Handoff links to JIRA, Confluence and Dropbox Paper

    Finish off by automatically generating a Userflow