The Design Thinking Workshop Kit

Empower everyone in your business to solve problems, together.

Sketch and Marvel Webinar

Run your first Design Thinking session

This Workshop Kit will give you and your team a simple, inclusive and reusable approach for running remote or in-person sessions using the basic principles of Design Thinking. Learn how to apply the stages empathise, define, ideate, prototype and test to any problem, in an interactive and fun session.

  • Made to help you:

    Drive human-centred design: Identify with your customers and form creative solutions which not only attract but retain users

    Bring cross-functional teams together: Marvel provides the hands-on tools for everyone to get started with design, no previous experience required.

    Fail fast and ship better solutions: Learn to fail fast and get to your best idea as quickly as possible

    Democratise design: Open up the design process to the whole company, invite your sales, marketing, support or finance team to bring their invaluable insight into the ideation that reaches your users